Membership of the Perth Medieval and Renaissance Group is open to anyone who supports PMRG’s purpose.

Members of PMRG enjoy a reduced rate for attending the annual symposium, and receive notices of upcoming lectures, workshops, performances, and other items of interest via the email mailing-list.

Ordinary membership is open to people over the age of 15 years and as well as the benefits of membership they have full voting rights. People aged under 15 years are eligible only for associate membership. While associate members enjoy all the benefits of membership, they do not have voting rights.

Membership fees are set annually at the Annual General Meeting. Currently they are $20 per annum for people who are waged and $15 per annum for the unwaged. The due date for 2022 membership is 12th of April 2022. Membership for 2022 commences on the 12th of July.

Applications for membership must be in writing and signed, and each application is considered and decided upon by the Committee which meets monthly. [Application Form]

If you wish to join the Perth Medieval and Renaissance Group, please complete the membership form [link] and email it to [email protected]. You will be informed as to whether you have been accepted as a member, and if you have been, you will then be given PMRG’s banking details for paying your fees should you opt to do so.