Tuesday, 29 March

PMRG AGM followed by presentations by Emily Chambers, Dr Ellen O’Brien and Helen Thomas on their current research.

  • Emily Chambers: ‘Elite Female Local Affinity and Influence in Mid-Tudor England’
  • Ellen O’Brien: ‘Émile Péhant and the “Lioness of Brittany”: Translating the Life of Jean de Belleville’
  • Helen Thomas: ‘The Feakes: A Quaker Family in Colonial Barbados – A Case Study of Change in the 17th Century’

6.30 pm Arts Lecture Room 8, UWA

Thursday 21 April

Dr. Victoria Bladen and Emeritus Professor Christopher Wortham for the launch of The Tree of Life and Arboreal Aesthetics in Early Modern Literature followed by a presentation and lecture.

5.00 pm Arts Lecture Room 8, UWA

Wednesday May 18

Emeritus Professor and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia Andrew Lynch will be presenting ‘The Modern Arthur at War’

6.30 pm Arts Lecture Room 8, UWA

Tuesday 5 July

‘“I walked out”: Perambulatory poetics in Isabella Whitney’s A sweet Nosgay

ARC Centre for Excellence for the History of Emotions and the Perth and Medieval Renaissance Group, Inc.

6.00 pm Arts Lecture Room 4, UWA